Meal Plan Purchase

    Meal Plan Purchase-2020-2021

    Commuter students may select your meal plan from the selections below. Charges for the meal plan will be placed on your university account where you may pay with a credit card. You may also add additional flex or declining dollars to your plan.

    Meal plans are tax free !! This is a great value!

    If you have completed a housing application then you have a meal plan, if you wish to change your meal plan do not complete this form. Please click Meal Plan Change. No meal plan changes will occur after the first week of school of the semester, you may add flex dollars, declining balance dollars to a purchased meal plan or change your plan to a higher plan but you may not lower your meal plan.
    Date of Birth
    Date of Birth

    Meal Plan Options:

    Residence Hall Students - each entry into TMDR is a block.  Blocks can be used any day of the week and in Student Choice for late night meal exchange during normal operating hours. 

    Flex Dollars can be used in any dining location, student choice, snack vending or concessions. Flex Dollars will carry over from fall to spring but all Flex Dollars must be used by the end of spring. You can also add flex dollars to your meal plan account in increments of $25.00.
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