Summer Intern Application

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    Housing is available on a first come, first serve basis. However, any Occupancy Agreement that cannot be processed because space is not available will be returned immediately along with a full refund. We will attempt to contact anyone with an incomplete or incorrect Occupancy Agreement for the correct information. Only completed Occupancy Agreements will be processed. Any Occupancy Agreement that is not accompanied by the full payment of the total charge or a credit card number that can be approved for the full payment of the total charge will be returned without being processed.

    Some of the services that all summer intern residents will enjoy are: a single space in a four person townhouse, movable desks and dressers, a kitchen with appliances, high speed internet, cable access, and paid utilities. There are at least two restrooms located in each townhouse unit. Laundry facilities and ice machine are centrally located in the Townhouse Village Community Center at no extra charge.

    If you wish to bring attention to any medical condition or special disability accommodations please contact the Rockhurst University Office of Residence Life at 816.501.4663.

    Summer Intern Move-In

    The townhouses will open for all intern move in on Friday, May 22, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. All interns are strongly encouraged to schedule travel so that they can accommodate this time frame.

    The townhouses will close on Friday, August 7th, 2020 at 4:30 PM. All interns must have checked out of their townhouse by 4:30 PM with a staff member. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 fine for each half hour past 4:30 PM. It is very important that interns arrange return travel or other lodging accommodations around this date. As the University is preparing its buildings for full time student check ins, we are unable to extend this date or time. Residents checking out before this date will not be refunded for time not used.

    This is a legal and binding Occupancy Agreement. Make your decisions and mark your preferences carefully. This occupancy agreement applies for the entire term indicated and no refunds will be made for early departure or no-show

    By signing this Occupancy Agreement I agree to the following:

    • To submit full payment of all charges with this agreement. Verify payment was received prior to arrival. Without full payment check in will not be permitted.

    • I will forfeit my deposit if I cancel this agreement. Students must submit in writing their intent to cancel their housing contract to the Office of Residence Life prior to their scheduled move in day. Students canceling after their scheduled move in day will be subject to prorated charges.

    • To forfeit the total charges if I choose to leave before my scheduled departure date (for non semester students). The total forfeiture also applies if I “no show” (sign the Occupancy Agreement, but do not take possession of residence and my cancellation letter does not arrive in the Office of Residence Life before my scheduled move in date.)

    • To pay for unresolved housing charges, room key and/or building swipe access card not being returned, excessive cleaning, damages, fines, or any combination of the above. Non Rockhurst students will receive an invoice outlining charges within forty-five (45) days of departure. Payment must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life thirty (30) days from date of invoice.

    • If I indicated credit card payment, I am the authorized cardholder or I have a letter with the authorized cardholder’s signature sent to the address below.

    • If in the event excessive cleaning is required and/or damage is sustained to the resident room, and it cannot be determined which occupant(s) is/are primarily responsible, the University reserves the right to allocate the damages as it sees fit.

    • To abide by the Term and Conditions of Occupancy and the check-out procedures.

    • Non Rockhurst students will be asked to leave within thirty (30) days of receipt of formal notification of outstanding debt. Students may be subject to fees/charges for other services rendered (i.e. break or summer housing when residential facilities are normally closed, student activity, computer use or parking fees) or damage done to any Rockhurst University facility.

    • Rockhurst will not be obligated to provide student services to non Rockhurst students outside of those ordinarily and customarily offered by RU Residence Life during the time of the agreement.

    • I am giving permission for RU and my institution to share information about me with each other, including any information governed by FERPA at my institution. Information will be shared on a “need to know basis” and in general will involve issues considered by staff of RU or my institution to be significant in nature (i.e. that may have an impact on the health, safety or well being of the student, other students, or campus operations).

    • While on RU property, non Rockhurst students must comply with all conduct standards as prescribed by RU. RU will provide non Rockhurst residents with all such standards. RU shall have the right to terminate any residency if, in the sole opinion of RU’s administration, the actions of the student are disruptive, dangerous, or violate in any manner, the prescribed conduct standards.

    Terms and Conditions for Occupancy

    • The Occupant is responsible for the care and condition of the residence covered by this agreement, including, but not limited to, the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, etc. The residence must be left in the move in condition upon departure. The occupant agrees to pay the cost of repairs for any damages and the cost for any special cleaning needed to return the residence to its move in condition. The need for and the costs for any such repairs will be decided solely by the University.

    • The general cleanliness, upkeep and condition of the residences are important for the health and welfare of the Rockhurst community. To further this goal the occupant and the University agree that the University reserves the right to enter an occupant’s residence for administrative, safety, or regulatory purposes. The occupant and the University also agree that the University may enter an occupant’s residence as outlined in the Rockhurst Student Handbook*. It is expressly agreed that members of the University staff may enter an occupant’s residence for administrative purposes such as, but not limited to, facility management and repairs including painting, furniture delivery, removal, or care of furniture, maintenance and safety inspections, and general housekeeping. After knocking and waiting a reasonable amount of time, entry may be made.

    • The University is not responsible for the loss of, damage to, any property of the occupant. The University recommends the occupant carry insurance on their belongings.

    • The University does not permit any of its facilities for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Solicitation and gambling are expressly prohibited.

    • All animals, excluding fish, are prohibited in the living facility. Fish tanks cannot exceed 10 gallons. Animals found must be removed immediately by occupant at the University’s request, and the University reserves the right to terminate this occupancy agreement with no refund of total charges.

    • No personal heating, cooling, air conditioning, or open coil cooking apparatus is allowed in the residential facilities with the exception of a microwave.

    • All occupants and their guests must abide by Rockhurst policies, as well as state, Kansas City laws, and Federal Laws including, but not limited to, those dealing with fire safety, intoxicants, narcotics, drugs, and weapons. In particular, occupants must abide by the University Code of Conduct as set out in the Rockhurst Student Handbook* and any other policies specific to a campus program in which they are participating. Occupants are responsible for the proper disposal of waste. There is no smoking in any residential facility on the Rockhurst campus.

    • Any roommate assignment that results in a physical threat or destructive behavior/action may result in reassignment of the involved occupant(s) to temporary housing per the University’s discretion. An occupant who is dismissed from Residence Life for misconduct or illegal, disruptive, or dangerous behavior must remove all belongings, return key/swipe access card, and vacate within 24 hours of the action or the closing of residential facilities, whichever occurs first. If the occupant fails to vacate residence within 24 hours, the University reserves the right to take possession of the residence, remove and dispose of occupant’s belongings at the occupant’s risk and expense, change the locks to the premises, and charge all costs associated with this change to the Occupant. An escort will accompany a dismissed student if necessitated by their historical or present conduct.

    The University reserves the right:

    o To levy and collect for damages to, unauthorized use of, alterations to residences, equipment or buildings,

    fine occupants for breaking Rockhurst Residential policies, and for special cleaning/repairs necessitated by

    improper use of its facilities.

    o To reassign occupants to other accommodations on campus.

    o To bar any occupant from campus, if, in the sole opinion of the University, the individual’s conduct is

    illegal, disruptive, or dangerous to the University or to member of the University community.

    o To terminate the reservation of any occupant if, in the sole opinion of the University, unforeseen events

    make it inadvisable or illegal or impossible to provide the required facilities.

    o To retain any payment, made by or on behalf of the occupant, of any occupant banned from University


    o To bar any occupant from campus facilities based on availability and/or behavioral concerns.

    o Upon timely notification, to alter the terms of this occupancy agreement.

    PrePayment of $100 Required to reserve a space.

    All cancellations must be made in writing by the occupancy applicant as soon as is reasonably possible after the decision to cancel has been made and given to the Office of Residence Life. The Associate Dean of Students will review and determine eligibility. Verbal notification of cancellations are appreciated, but do not take the place of written notice. Housing refunds, with the exception of nights stayed, will be made when an individual who signed this agreement gets a serous medical injury so long as the individual provides documentation from a doctor explaining why the individual needs to move out of the town house.
    Amount Due
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