Class Visit at RU - In-Classroom Experience

    Join us for an in-classroom experience at RU!

    Here's what you do:
    1. Find the class you'd wish to attend.
    2. Register for the date you'd like to join by clicking the blue button or navigating the calendar below. Then select the time slot.
    3. Sit tight while we create a visit agenda that can include a campus tour, meeting with an admissions counselor, and other experiences. 

    Hurry, spots are limited!

    Physics of the BodyM/W 12:20 - 1:35 PM
    Join Dr. Donaldson and her students to explore Ultrasound and Biomechanics through this interactive classroom experience. Be prepare for some hands-on engagement! This is great for any student interested in the sciences.
    Find the full course description here!

    COMMUNICATIONS: Fundamentals of CommunicationTR 9:30 - 10:45 AMAn introduction to effective communication with emphasis on presentational speaking, critical listening, intrapersonal, interpersonal communication and small group communication. Focus on theory and practice of human communication through individual and group experiences.
    Find the full course description here!
    COMMUNICATION: Interpersonal CommunicationT/R 2:00 - 3:15 PMApplication of communication theory to face-to-face unplanned and planned interactions. The course will focus on interpersonal topics including perception, language and meaning, nonverbal communication, listening, feedback, conflict management, and leadership communication.
    Find the full course description here!

    FRENCH: Senior Capstone and Moliere PerformanceFriday, Nov. 19th
    4-6 PM
    Dr. Madigan invites you to sit in on senior capstone presentations followed by skits prepared by RU students from Moliere plays. Come and join our language community and learn about academic, social, and professional opportunities.
    Learn more about our French department here!

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